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After listening to the tones for a while people experience a moderate or intense recalling of the traumatic event and/or an increase in intensity in how they feel, both of which are processed by the bi-lateral stimulation of the tones or eye movements.

People who have already processed a lot of the emotional content find that their thinking processes become clearer, allowing them to consider new and different perspectives about the event. Others find that it awakens feelings about the event that they may not have been aware of, or not to that degree. Some find that their feelings and thoughts intensify simultaneously.

There is no one way to feel, think, or experience EMDR – everyone is different and processes their feelings and experiences in their own unique way.

People who have trouble getting in touch with how they feel about an event, or who are reluctant to, sometimes find that EMDR makes it easier. This method helps them to go into the memory or feelings without much effort, and maintain their control.

Many people describe the experience as feeling as if they are back in the painful event while feeling securely in the present. There is a sense of being close to the memory or feelings, while being distant from it at the same time. This dual experience of being simultaneously close and distant assists in a faster processing of the event. This can make it less overwhelming, and still be very deep work.