Privacy Policy


I keep all information you give me strictly confidential. Whether online or in-person, your confidentiality is a priority for me. I protect your confidentiality with a Linksys Router; a hardware firewall. If I keep hard copies of our correspondence, I keep them under lock and key. I am the only one who has access to my computer and files. I offer a secure email service, and I have a private, unpublished chat room.

There are a number of options we can use to protect your privacy. I have a private chat room on an unlisted webpage, or we can use a service that you’re familiar and comfortable with, for example MSN or Yahoo. If you want, we can use a secure/encrypted chat room.

We can use a secure/encrypted email service offered by If you choose to not use a secure service, it is possible that your emails may not always be private. For example, emails can go astray. Anyone who has access to your computer can read your emails unless you use a password, or delete them after you read them.

• Emailing from your workplace is not confidential unless you use a secure email service, otherwise, your employer can read your emails.
• At home, you can use a password to access both your computer and your email server, and you might want to delete emails from your hard drive – remember to empty your sent, trash, and recycle files too.
• If you’re concerned that someone who has access to your computer will find out that you visited my site, you can delete the cache of your internet browser.

If you have any questions or concerns about your confidentiality, email or call 416.929.4612.

You have a right to privacy.